Zero Liability, 100% Insured

At any time you can go to WorkSafeBC’s website and verify our active member status. Here is our WorkSafeBC ID:

967551 AQ(012)

WorkSafeBC insurance coverage is a no fault insurance system that protects both the employers who pay for it and the workers who receive benefits.

The benefit YOU receive as a property owner is 100% indemnification in the (unlikely) event that one of our employees sustains an injury on your property. That means you can’t be held responsible for costs related to any on-the-job injury, and you cannot be sued by Karmic Maintenance or any of its employees!

Your home is also 100% insured for any (unlikely) damages that may occur while we’re on the job. The commercial business insurance policy that we maintain through Wawanesa Insurance covers up to $2 million in damage, and has a strong track record for processing claims and beginning repairs on the damage within 1-2 days.

So you’re not liable for any of our employees, and you’re not liable for any (unlikely) damage. You can have full confidence that you have a great team on your side, that there is little to no risk, and enjoy how great your property will look once the job is done!