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With the amount of nature and rain in the lower mainland, mildew and algae can build up easily on your home. Further, algae may create potential slipping hazards on wet days and in winter months. You deserve to have a clean and safe home, and our team will work hard to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded.

We use a high powered pressure washer with a surface cleaner to be more efficient in our cleaning method. Our team is highly trained to use soft washing in place of power washing for delicate surfaces.

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How we clean your house and other surfaces

Our cleaning helps keep property clean. Algae on siding leads to deterioration and potential insect issues.

We use a combination of soft wash & pressure wash depending on surface sensitivity. We don’t pressure wash any soft surfaces, eg. vinyl siding.


house soft washing



Our exterior house cleaning surfaces

property maintenance

We clean a wide variety of different areas of your house exterior including:

  • Siding soft washing
  • Decks/patios cleaning
  • Driveway pressure washing
  • Sidewalk pressure washing
  • … and more!

Among the many surfaces our team is trained to professionally clean include:

  • Concrete cleaning
  • Asphalt cleaning
  • Bricks/pavers cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Stucco cleaning
  • Wood cleaning
  • … and more!

Exterior house cleaning FAQs

Q: How often should I get the exterior of my house cleaned?
A: We recommend that the exterior of your house be cleaned at least once a year. Depending on the circumstances (i.e. density of trees, exposure to wind, etc.), cleaning may need performed more frequently.

Q: What is soft washing?
A: Soft washing uses low-pressure water cleaning tools and techniques to safely and effectively clean sensitive surfaces, such as siding, wood and composite, from your house.

Q: When is pressure washing performed over soft washing?
A: Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is performed on tough surfaces, such as concrete, brick, and asphalt, to provide an effective and lasting cleaning.