Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does the quote process work once I submit the form?

  • When you submit the Karmic Maintenance quote form you’ll receive an email confirmation automatically. Then, within a few hours (or at least by the end of the day) you’ll receive another email from one of our Team Members containing the scheduled time he’ll be arriving at your home to inspect the job. (You DO NOT need to be present during the inspection.) He’ll finalize your quote after the inspection and email it to you. The quote will stay valid for 30 days… Simply call or email when you’re ready to schedule!

Question: How long after I request my quote until the inspection?

  • We strive to complete your inspection and finalize your quote with 24 HOURS from the moment you hit the Submit button! (But note that sometimes it gets really busy and it takes about a day and half.)

Question: What if I want to be home during the inspection?

  • On the “Request A Quote Form” there is a field that asks “Are there any additional details we should know about this job?” In that field, simply mention that you’d like to be present during the inspection and provide the best time(s) that work for you. The Team Member that contacts you will schedule a time that works for you, based on what you request.

Does the inspection cost anything?

  • No. The inspection simply allows us to give you a fair quote and know what equipment and personnel will be required for the job.

What exactly will you be looking for during the inspection?

  • We’re looking at 1) How dirty the job really is, 2) How steep the roof is and how difficult the corners are, and 3) The specific sizes of the areas we need to clean so we can estimate how long the job will take to complete. We’re also noting what equipment we need to stock in the service vehicle the day of your cleaning, how many crew members we’ll need to work the job, and who inside our crew is a good match for whatever the job requires.

Question: What do you base your prices on?

  • We quote jobs based 1) on how deeply dirty the job is, 2) how difficult the house is to access to get the job done, and 3) if any additional equipment might be needed to complete the job. Since we run a tight crew with optimum equipment, we can typically charge 20% less than the well-established cleaning companies that have over a dozen trucks in their fleet, and big corporate financial liabilities. (This average savings is typical with most small cleaning companies with 12 employees or less.)

Question: How do your rates compare to other small crews?

  • We typically end up charging about the same as other companies our size. We know how annoying it can be to call multiple companies for multiple quotes and try to save money… only to find out they all charge about the same amount! So we try to be honest and upfront about giving you a fair market rate. (And we mention this here in hopes it will save you time when you’re shopping for a quote.)

Question: When do I pay and how can I pay?

  • No deposit is required for us to start cleaning your home. Once we’re done with the job and you’re fully satisfied, you can make your payment using Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Check, or E-Transfer.

Question: How long has your company been around?

  • Karmic Maintenance has been registered and operating since 2016, and the working relationships alongside a few of the crew members go back 5 years. Karmic has never received a complaint with the BBB, and instead receives really positive feedback. We’ve been growing bit-by-bit, year-over-year so far (and we’re having lot of fun!)

Question: Do I take on liability for your workers when they’re on the job?

  • No. Karmic Maintenance is fully licensed to operate, and insured by Wawanesa Insurance for liability coverage up to two million dollars. All our employees are registered and protected with Worksafe Canada (which provides full coverage in the unlikely case that anything should go wrong).

Question: What’s with the “Karma” stuff? Are you guys a bunch of Monks?

  • We believe in doing an extraordinary job. And we believe extraordinary work brings high vibes, and long lasting relationships with all the families that we serve across the region. We work hard for you to show you that you can depend on us. We call that “Good karma that comes back to YOU!”

Are there any compliance measures I need to take before hiring Karmic Maintenance?

  • No. Karmic Maintenance, Inc. meets all of BC’s and Vancouver’s regulatory guidelines regarding employees, equipment, safety, and insurance. If you are subject to any guidelines from your homeowners association, neighborhood committee, etc. regarding contracted services it would be your responsibility to comply with those.

How soon can my job be scheduled?

  • Once you’ve decided to schedule your job with us, we typically try to schedule the cleaning to occur within five days. If there are any unique concerns for the timeframe of the job, tell the Team Member who serves you and they’ll work to schedule your job in the timeframe you want.

Do you toss the leaves and muck from my gutter down on to my lawn, for me to clean up?!?

  • After your gutters have been emptied and sprayed clean, we remove any yard waste that fell to the ground while the gutters were being emptied. We typically use your yard waste bins for disposal, but if the bins are full we remove the yard waste in biodegradable bags and properly dispose of them at a municipal facility.

Will I need to provide the crew with access to water or power?

  • Only water. (Any powered equipment we would use to clean your home draws power from a generator.)

Do I need to be home when the work is being done?

  • It depends… You don’t need to be home during the cleaning, but we prefer for you to be home so you can personally inspect the work that’s been done and we can settle the payment. If you want to be home during the cleaning, tell the Team Member who serves you and they’ll work to schedule your job on a day that works best for you.

Will any crew members need to enter my home during the cleaning?

  • It’s highly unlikely. Since we only provide exterior cleaning services we almost never need to enter a home (except in rare case where safe access to a section of the roof requires going through a rooftop door or window, for instance).

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

  • We guarantee that we’ll continue to work to ensure the job meets your qualifications, and you’re happy with how much better your home looks. Our intent is to bring GOOD KARMA to the very dirty task of keeping your home’s exterior looking beautiful. We’re easy to deal with, we itemize every expense in your quote, and make sure the whole process you experience is quick, and stress-free.