Environmental Safety

We strive to use 100% environmentally safe cleaning solutions and operational practices in every facet of the business.

But in one our services, moss removal, the best non-toxic treatment we’ve found is twice the cost, and only 25% effective.

UPON YOUR REQUEST we’ll happily give you the “100% Green” roof treatment, but consider the following before you choose!

Here’s how we perform our moss removal treatment…

First, a Service Technician physically scrapes the loose algae/moss and then sprays the moss removal treatment on the algae living in the cracks, crevices, and corners of your roofing material. The active ingredient in the moss removal treatment is a mix of chlorine and an algaecide which holds the chemical compound:

Poly(oxyethylene) (dimethylimino) ethylene (dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride

Here’s why it’s safe for your roof and your yard…

When the treatment is applied it quickly attacks the algae, chemically bonding with any organic matter on your roof. It essentially puts the algae in a state “terminal cancer”. After 24 hours the bonding process results in a 95% absorption rate, and when it rains, the non-absorbable 5% will bond with the rain molecules and run down into your gutters, then down the spout out on to your lawn.

  • For the average amount of this treatment applied to the roof of a 2000 square foot home, the rain water that washes the non-absorbed chemicals off the roof, down the gutters, and onto the lawn, has the same chlorine/algaecie content equivalent to two liters of water from a public swimming pool. Those 2 liters of “pool water” that eventually come down off your roof and onto your lawn, in our opinion, does not threaten the safety of people, pollinators, or the environment.

ONE SINGLE TREATMENT kills the algae on contact, so it can no longer spread. The leftover organic matter clinging to the surface of your roof gradually dissolves over the course of 4-6 months, with no additional treatment necessary. This typically keep moss away for TWO YEARS (depending on tree coverage around your house), after which the moss will slowly begin to grow back.

The best non-chemical treatment on the market (which is more than twice as expensive as the chlorine/algaecide treatment) has the same 4-6 month “kill rate”, but the moss typically begins to immediately come back after that 4-6 month period, demonstrating that the chlorine/algaecide is about FOUR TIMES as effective, and less than half the cost!

We believe this method provides you with the best moss removal treatment we can provide, while having minimal impact on the environment. However, if you are determined to remove the moss from your roof 100% chemical-free, we can support that! Simply request the 100% GREEN ROOF CLEAN when you request your quote.